We would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are John and Paul and live in Spijkenisse, that's in the south-west of Holland. In 2003 we decided to get a cat and I (John) wanted a pedigree cat, Paul didn't want this at all. He wanted to get a cat out of the animalshelter, because there are a lot of cats who are waiting for a new owner. I agreed to that, but I wanted a tortie with white kitten. The next day I started to contact all the petshelters in our district, but without luck. But someone who works for the animalshelter in Rotterdam gave me the phonenumber of the straycat foundation of Rotterdam.

The volunteers of this foundation catch homeless pregnant cats and bewildered kittens and then they place them into fosterhomes. So we went to visit one of the volunteers and to make a long story shorter, within 6 months we had 5 cats and number 5 was a tortie with white.

But still I wanted a pedigree cat and I already knew which one. It had to be a Maine-Coon. Paul thought about it and had to agree. We didn't have to look far, we found a breeder right here in Spijkenisse. They had a litter of kittens and so 2 months later our first Maine-Coon came to live with us, a black tortie tabby blotched - white girl named Diva.

In 2005 we started the cattery and joined a dutch association. We had to think about a catteryname, and after the name had been rejected a few times, we chose Leather and Lace. They approved the name and our cattery was born. Meanwhile we have joined CFF and TICA and a few more Maine Coons have joined our household.

In the future our females will have kittens once in a while. But before our cats enter the breeding program, they will be tested on Fiv, Felv, Pl, HCM, PKD and HD. By breeding in a responsible way we want to keep the breed as healthy, strong and as beautiful as possible.

In order to improve our breed and to avoid a high inbreeding, we are using mostly foundation and outcross lines in our cattery. We also have a deep devotion for the Polydactyl Maine Coons and we are doing our best to carry on this beautifull trait.